Medical screening and counseling for younger adults and teenagers is primary geared towards reduction of risky behaviors. 

Sexually transmitted disease (STD’s)

It is absolutely mandatory for all men outside of a long term, monogamous relationship (i.e. married, living together, etc.) to wear a condom while engaged in sexual intercourse.  It always acceptable for a women to insist that their partner wear a condom.


Substance Abuse

“Recreational” drugs should be avoided at all times with no exception.  

Alcohol, if used, should be taken in moderation.  This means not more than 10-14 drinks per week and not more than 2-3 drinks at any one episode.


Risks for accidents

Accidents are a major cause of death for young people.  Care needs to be taken to wear seatbelts while driving, to never drive while intoxicated, to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bike, etc. 


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